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Welcome to Hemlock Books

As of last month, all subscribers to Fangoria and GoreZone have now been refunded. Despite some recent 'updates' from the publisher to the effect that Fangoria is imminent, there is still no sign of #345 or the promised 100-page #346. So far as Hemlock is concerned, the print editions of these titles are dead in the water. But there are plenty of other fantasy magazines that treat their loyal readers with a good deal more respect. Check out the Hemlock Shop.

    On a more positive note, April has already seen a new We Belong Dead, and Rue Morgue, FM, Dark Side, Delirium, Scream, Monster Bash and Classic Monsters (to name but some) are all still going from strength to strength and will be gracing these pages again in the coming weeks. As will the latest issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors, which this time celebrates a classic from the 1970s! Keep watching the skies...

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