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Welcome to Hemlock Books

The big news this month is the new Little Shoppe of Horrors, which is given over to the most in-depth coverage that's ever been undertaken of Universal's 1979 version of Dracula, starring Frank Langella as the king of the vampires. This super collector's issue of LSoH also features 8 pages of colour for the first time and is NOW IN STOCK in the Shop. Its arrival coincides with the start of Hemlock's Summer of Fear - three months of fun, fright and super savers!

    In other news, Scary Monsters has found itself a new publisher and its run will continue from #101 on.  Hemlock will therefore still be carrying the mag and it will be back on our Subscriptions page soon.  Great new issues of Delirium and Monster Bash are also on sale in the Shop, as are the two latest Horror Companions from Hemlock. And there's much more to come - keep watching the skies...

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