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With the spirit of Christmas just around the corner, the spirits of Psycho and the terror films of Tigon Pictures are conjured up in the latest of Hemlock's Horror Companions series, both of which are now in stock in the Shop. Psycho: Origins trawls the dark history behind Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece and looks at its influence on the horror films which came after it, while Tigon: Blood on a Budget details the rise and fall of a film legend which once thought to rival Hammer in the British horror stakes (and even made a bid for the company when it was on its knees in the 1970s).

      In other news, GoreZone #35 is not yet on the horizon but Video Watchdog has a new issue out and upcoming is Famous Monsters, which this month celebrates the imminent release of Disney's Star Wars#VII, The Force Awakens.

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